Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soflajo The Conjurer

My lovely friend over at Soflajo has a made some amazing polishes! They are a set of gorgeous top coat effect polishes that are duochrome AND glitter! These polishes she has made for the Year Of The Dragon and they all have medieval and magical names. The one I am showing you today is The Conjurer. The Conjurer has purple glitter and depending on your top coats, shifts from silver/green to silver/red to green/gold. All of her polishes are made from natural pigments and glitters are are 3-free! To order The Conjurer and her other gorgeous creatoins, check out her shop HERE. The polishes are .5 ml and are $5 each. And just look at her sweet packaging! Enjoy! XOXOXO~Rach

this is how the polish was wrapped. look at the amazing dragon tape!

 This is what was inside the bubble wrap! An adorable little crown and fun confetti...

 here is a better shot of the glitter

 this one shows the most pretty!
I had a hard time capruring the silver/red and green/gold shift as it was not particularly sunny today, but trust me, this polish is GORGEOUS!!!


Laurie said...


Brie Nails said...

Rachel, why did you show us this polish!?
It's beautiful! Now I want it.

Fab-La-Icious Nails said...

Oh so pretty, the packaging is cute to, Jodys makes a real effort to make you feel special...i just ordered mine, cant wait for it to come xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful swatches!