Monday, September 26, 2011

China Glaze QT~Holo Heaven

I don't think this polish needs too much introduction...this is China Glaze QT from the fabulous {discontinued and HTF} OMG collection! QT is a deep pink with a linear holo effect. The effect is best in full sun but can be seen a little in low light and inside! This is 2 coats topped with Seche Vite! Enjoy! xoxoxo~Rach

Indoors with artificial light

Indoors with natural light

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yester day I went "dusty hunting" and next door to one of the salons was a Sally Beauty! I rarely shop at Sally's just because it is kind of out of my way but I wanted to pick up some Tropical Shine nail files so I popped in for minute! I had not planned on buying any polish but when I saw the Orly Mineral FX  display I knew I had to pick up the two I really wanted from that collection....Rock Solid and Rococo A Go Go! a beautiful glass flecky, duo-chromy delight! The application is perfect with this one..only two coats needed! I actually love the smaller Orly  brush as it allows me to have a more precise application and less clean up! I can definitely see myself reaching for this one again and again! I am soo happy I picked this one up! Enjoy! xoxoxo~Rach

OH and do you guys think my pics look a bit better??? I have a new camera and better lighting! Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clarins 230 dupe??? A Layering Experiment

Clarins 230 is a discontinued and VHTF polish that the polish world has dubbed "Unicorn Pee" due to it's rarity! You can see swatches of it HERE. I decided I wanted to try and "dupe" it so I layered OPI Movin Out over OPI Honk If You Love OPI. I think the result was pretty amazing! Keeping in mind that I have never seen 230 in real life, and my camera {I should be getting a new one today, so my pics will finally be more accurate!} is not the most wonderful thing.....I think we have a pretty acceptable substitution for it! What do you guys think???? Would love your feedback, especially anyone who has the real deal! XOXOXO~Rach

here it is swatched on  nail's the one on the left. The one on the right is Movin Out over OPI Diva of Geneva!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorry About the Upsidedown & Sideways Pics!!!

Gah! Blogger is being fussy with me and not loaded my pictures in the correct rotation! I don't know what is going on...just wanted to let you all know so you would not think I have lost my marbles completely! I am working on the issue and will try very hard to get it resolved for my next post! xoxoxo~Rachel

Essence Twins~ Romeo & Juliet

I was going to do a post about my SF {Spectra Flair} franken but I decided to do one on one of my new Essence Twins collections! As you know, I have a lovely friend named Kati in the Netherlands and she sent me all these amazing polishes! I just HAD to do Romeo & Juliet first...not only because it is my most favorite epic love story but also because my sweet Japanese Chin doggie's name is Romeo! So here you have Romeo & Juliet {actually the name on the bottle says "Julia" not sure if that was some kind of intentional misake or not!}. The base polish of Romeo is a gorgeous dove gray, the formula was lovely and butter and covered beautifully in 2 coats! Juliet is a holographic glitter topper with large square holo glitter and small holo glitter. Today was the perfect day for a gray/holographic glitter mani! It was 55 degrees and gray and rainy outside! 
Enjoy! xoxoxo~Rach

****as per requested by a couple of readers already....these polishes are not available in the US :( I got these from a swap with my friend who lives in the Netherlands! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Epic Nail Mail from the Netherlands!!!!

So my friend Kati and I decided to do a swap a few months ago and yesterday was the happy day that I got my package from her!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how exciting it was to get a package from the NETHERLANDS and know that it contained all kinds of wonderful and amazing foreign nail  polishes! Kati was so good at picking out everything I love..purple, glitter, flakies!!!! She also sent some lovely hand lotion and cuticle softener as well as yummy candy and treats for my puppies! Thank-you soooo much Kati!!! I cannot wait to swap again! xoxoxo~Rach

this was the happy package!!

Essence Special Effect Topper in It's Purpleicious ,Essence magnetic polishes, Catrice Dirty Berry/Purpleized/Foget-Me-Not, GOSH Purple Heart and Teeez Holo in Outta Control

Essence Twins!!! Gabriella/Troy, Edward/Bella, Romeo/Julia, Chuck/Blair

Essence You Rock! in Speed of Light Blue, Golden Rose Scale Effects flakie, Kamil hand lotion, Essence magnet, cuticle softening pen, yummy doggie treats and yummy candy!!!!

I think I am going to do "Week of Essence Twins" soon so I can show all of you these happy polishes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oops I Did It Again! ~ A Franken by Laurie

Today I have another gorgeous franken from my love Laurie!!!! I was so gaga over the dupe she made of China Glaze VHTF Grape Crush that I just HAD to get a bottle from her! I do not own Grape Crush but the swatches should speak for themselves! Laurie did an amazing job.....I LOVE this polish so much!!! xoxoxo~Rach

You gotta Click on these to see them BIG and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It's worth it I promise :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

China Glaze~Let's Do In 3-D

I had some super shiny sunshine today so I decided to use one of my "untrieds" that I acquired recently from my super sweet friend Chelsea from Pretty & Polished! I have bought a BUNCH of China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope from her! She is amazing :) Let's Do It In 3-D is a charcoal colored holographic with amazing rainbow properties even in low light or no sunlight! This polish is super amazing and soooo pretty, if you have a chance to get it....think about picking this beautiful baby up! Enjoy! xoxoxo~Rach

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

300 Follower Giveaway!!!

WOWZA!!! i am sooo awed that I have actually made it up to 300 followers! You guys are amazing and I appreciate you so much! Special thanks to my Facebook girlies who always lift me up and have my back! I LOVE you all soooo much! mwahhhh! Here is what i am giving away!

Blue Mosaic
Facets of Fuchsia {Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance Dupe!}
Starry Pink

Starry Silver Glitter {my all time favorite glitter topper!}
Purple Pizzazz Frost
Luxury Lime Creme
Classic Coral Creme
West Village
Pier 17

Rules: You must be a follower, for 1 extra entry you can reblog or tweet about this giveaway. For another extra entry, you can "like" CherryGlamGirl on Facebook! To enter, please complete the form below! Giveaway ends September 30th! Good Luck and THANK YOU for helping me to make it this far! You guys ROCK! xoxoxo~Rach



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glitter Gal Dark Purple!!!

My good friend Traci posted about Glitter Gal in our Facebook group and I was sold! They are spectacularly holographic, super sparkly and just plain amazing! I got Not Just Another Red and Dark Purple. I am going to show you Dark Purple today :) I am a purple lover,especially the darker purples and plums, so this one fit right in! It a dark purple holographic...I used 3 coats for this mani, I could have gotten away with 2 but when it comes to purple and holographic, I always say "the more the better!!!!". Enjoy! xoxoxo~rach

Glitter Gal is from Australia but can now be purchased HERE!!!! Go order some right now!!!! GO!

Friday, September 2, 2011

OPI DS Desire~Oh My Holo!!!

Let me introduce you to my lovely friend....Desire. She is a spectacular fawn colored holographic polish that absolutely steals the show! Just take a look at that gorgeous holo sparkle! I could not stop staring it my nails all day! We have a saying in my Facebook polish group...."Don't Holo and Drive" and that is the truth! i was getting majorly distracted looking at the holo rainbows on my nails I had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road! LOL xoxoxo~rach

OPI Desire is discontinued and currently hard to find! I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend....Brie...that found this beauty dusting hunting! Thanks love!