Thursday, September 15, 2011

Epic Nail Mail from the Netherlands!!!!

So my friend Kati and I decided to do a swap a few months ago and yesterday was the happy day that I got my package from her!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how exciting it was to get a package from the NETHERLANDS and know that it contained all kinds of wonderful and amazing foreign nail  polishes! Kati was so good at picking out everything I love..purple, glitter, flakies!!!! She also sent some lovely hand lotion and cuticle softener as well as yummy candy and treats for my puppies! Thank-you soooo much Kati!!! I cannot wait to swap again! xoxoxo~Rach

this was the happy package!!

Essence Special Effect Topper in It's Purpleicious ,Essence magnetic polishes, Catrice Dirty Berry/Purpleized/Foget-Me-Not, GOSH Purple Heart and Teeez Holo in Outta Control

Essence Twins!!! Gabriella/Troy, Edward/Bella, Romeo/Julia, Chuck/Blair

Essence You Rock! in Speed of Light Blue, Golden Rose Scale Effects flakie, Kamil hand lotion, Essence magnet, cuticle softening pen, yummy doggie treats and yummy candy!!!!

I think I am going to do "Week of Essence Twins" soon so I can show all of you these happy polishes!


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That's fabulous! <3 Love Essence polishes <3

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I'm so jelly!!

Anonymous said...

The Essence Twin week sounds great! I am happy you like everything! :)

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