Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogger Challenge....30 Days Of Untrieds

Let me say that I normally run far, far away from any kind of nail polish challenge when it is presented. Why? well for one I am a total control freak, I want to wear what I want when I want to, not because some stinkin challenge says I have to! Second, I am really realizing that my skills in nail art are quite limited and even when I do attempt them, I end up hating the results. Soooo, when my friend Taylor from Nailed To The T suggesting a 30 day challenge of untrieds, I hopped on board. I have too many untrieds and this challenge will give me the control to choose what I want to wear! The first polish I have for the challenge is OPI Cuckoo For The Color. CCFTC is from the amazing Swiss collection. CCFTC is a deep teal shimmer and went on perfect in 2 coats. If you look closely at the pics when they are enlarged you will see the most gorgeous light blue shimmer in this polish. I AM IN LOVE with this color! I am in love with this polish, seriously I don't want to ever take it off! see for yourself how wondrous this polish is

Teal is my second favorite after purple and this polish has stolen my heart~~~~ 

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Alyssa Plumb said...

wow! that is gorgeous!!

Taylor McDonnell said...

Great post!!! this color is gorgeous!!! Im super glad you did this with all of us :) <3

Nory said...

Super gorgeous!

OPI Addict said...

I love this polish! I haven't worn it in a while so I might have to revisit it! :)

Caitlin_96 said...

wow! very pretty!

RaEStoCo said...
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Anonymous said...

I love teal! How do I get an invite to the next challenge? ;)

-Rachel from Top Coat It