Thursday, October 27, 2011

Julep Zoe w/ Rachel's Folly {A Franken by Laurie} on top

Today I am sharing with you the lovely Julep Zoe and the gorgeous franken my friend Laurie made for me called "Rachel's Folly". I told her that I really really wanted China Glaze Spellbound {you can see pics of that HERE} so she whipped up a beautiful franken for me that may just be better than the real thing! Laurie even named it after moi since it was somewhat of a "custom" franken! I love Laurie, she is a master frankeness!!! I have a bunch of her lovely frankens and I look forward to all the new ones she has to share! I used Rachel' Folly over 2 coats of Julep Zoe. Zoe is a metallic burnt orange and it is stunning! I plan on wearing the one again on it's own sometime this fall! It is a prefect Fall color, reminds me of the fiery leaves on the trees as they start to turn. What you see below is 2 coats of Zoe and 2 coats of Rachel's Folly! I love the combo! What about you? Do you have CG Spellbound? Do you think this is a good dupe for it, or do you think it is better like I do??? Enjoy! XOXOXO~Rach


AllisonL said...

I have Zoe, and I haven't worn it yet. But it looks so lovely--just up my alley! :) Cute with the franken!

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice! Very nice!