Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Julep Box~ Meet Samantha

hello my sweets! it's been awhile! my mangled finger/fingernail is finally almost grown back I decided to get some swatching done! My lovely friend Traci from TraceFace Philes introduced me to a company called You get a box of polishes and treatments every month according to their Style Quiz results. It's really fun to take the quiz and find out what you are! I got Bombshell so in my first package, I got Samantha and Zoe along with their Nail Therapy base coat and Hand Scrub! All this for $20 a month :) So let me show you the first polish I swatched...Samantha. I was a bit wary when I saw Samantha in the bottle...she is a VERY bright neon Pink. I know my pics make it look a bit red....but believe is PINK! This is not really a color I would wear on it's own so a couple of my girls on FB suggested to use a topper on it. I could not decide on on so I did three different toppers to see what they all would look like! Here is Samantha on her own

and here she is topped with {from left to right] SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper, OPI I Lily Love You and China Glaze Medallion}

If you are interedted in joining use this link to sign up!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Quick Update!

hello my Sweets! I just wanted to let you guys know that I have not been swatching because I cut a big chunk out of my nail bed while chopping peppers the other day :( It hurt like crazy and I have been so depressed because i can't even take the polish off of that finger until that raw skin heals enough. I think a couple more days and I should at least be able to get the polish off. Until then , I will post a Natalie's Nails pic! Natalie's favorite character is Domo and she did a cute Domo mani a few months ago. enjoy! xoxoxo~Rach

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OPI DS Magic~It's Magical!!!

I got this lovely OPI DS from my friend Brie on my Facebook group. I had no idea I was going to love it as much as I do!!! Magic is one of the non-holo DS's but it is spectacular IMO! It is a royal blue shimmer with little flecks of PURPLE!!!! This is has become one of my most favorite polishes ever! I did need 3 coats for the full effect you see here. If you have a chance to pick this beauty it quick! xoxoxo~rach

Monday, August 15, 2011

China Glaze LOL

I love holographic nail polish and I love purple polish! So of course I just HAD to find the lovely China Glaze LOL! It is a dark royal purple holo and it is gorgeous! LOL is part of the discontinued and hard to find OMG collection from China Glaze. The only way you are going to pick this up is on eBay or dusty hunting{or have an amazing dusty hunting friend find it for you!} Enjoy! xoxoxo~rach

These were all don outside in full sun with no flash!

     These are all done indoors with flash!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nubar Prize

 I am having a love affair with Nubar....this is the second polish I have tried this week and I adore everything about it! I love the brush, I love the formula, I just LOVE it! Nubar Prize is a hot pink scattered holo polish, these pictures really do not show how sparkly and glittery this polish really is! If you do no have any Nubar, I would recommend you pick up Prize or one of the other Prism collection polishes or one of the Sparkles! You will not regret it!!! xoxo~rach

this were all shot indoors with artificial light

Monday, August 8, 2011

OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts {surprise at the end!}

I got 5 of the OPI Across America collection and this is the first one I am swatching for you. It's French Quarter For Your Thoughts. This is a medium toned dusty gray. I have to say OPI really upped their game with the formula on this! It is creamy perfection in only 2 coats! I am super impressed! I love gray and this one is no exception. I can see myself reaching for this a lot this coming Fall and Winter! enjoy! {and don't forget to scroll tot he surprise at the end!} xoxoxo~rach

Now for the surprise! I added the SF {Spectra Flair} top coat that I bought from the lovely Lori Hill Stevens {dubbed gLORIous}to the top and WOW!!!! This combo is amazing holo happiness! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

OPI Brand New Skates with China Glaze Techno On Top!

I got a bog lemming of mine from a lovely blog sale last week....OPI Brand New Skates! BNS is a gunmetal gray metallic with tiny flecks of gold. It is super pretty! I wanted to bling it up so I threw China Glaze Techno on top. As you can see, Techno is a holographic hexagon glitter and holographic micro glitter polish that is love on top or on it's own! I love how pretty and sparkly this mani is!!! enjoy! xoxoxo~rach

Saturday, August 6, 2011

China Glaze DV8~ Holo Happiness!

I finally got one of my biggest lemmings thanks to my friend Chelsea last week! China Glaze DV8!!! This is part of the discontinues OMG line of polishes and is VHTF. DV8 is a dark teal linear holo....I wish my camera had captured more of the holo awesomeness! Please excuse my somewhat messy cuticles, I lost my regular clean-up brush and had to use a wonky one! enjoy! xoxox~ rach

this is with flash

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heal Your Nails! Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish is a revolutionary nail product that contains beneficial ingredients such as tea-tree oil, garlic bulb extract, wheat protein and Vitamins C and E. These enriching ingredients strengthen and protect your nails against fungus, discoloration, cracking and brittleness. Dr.'s Remedy contains zero toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. It is "baby safe' meaning it can be used safely by pregnant and lactating women. This is their Summer Collection of 5 polishes. I have swatched all 5 for you today!

First up is Nurture {Nude Pink} It had a pretty shimmer in the bottle but unfortunately that did not translate to the nail. The formula on this one was on the thin side and I ended up needing 4 coats for full coverage. I am not a huge fan of nudes but this one was actually very pretty and complimented my skin tone nicely!

next up is Tranquil {Tangerine} This one was much more pigmented and only required 3 coats for full coverage. The formula was smooth and easy to apply.

This is Glee {Gold}. This one was on the thinner side as well, I did 3 coats here but I could have done 4 for even greater color depth. Formula was smooth and easy to apply.

This is Bold {Baby Blue}. I only used 2 coats of this one, it was very pigmented and smooth. Very pretty metallic shimmer on this one.

Lasty, {and my favorite of the collection} is Lovely {Lavendar} a gorgeous dusty lilac creme. It applied beautifully in 2 coats! I absolutely love this one!

Overall these polishes were a breeze to apply and work with, the brush was average length and width and spread out nicely on the nail with no dragging. I love that they are free of toxic chemicals and are actually good for your nails too! I would definitely use these again,especially Bold and Lovely! Dr.'s Remedy can be purchased here or by calling 1.877.3623.NAIL{6245}. You can "like" their Facebook page here
*These were sent to me for review*