Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Julep Box~ Meet Samantha

hello my sweets! it's been awhile! my mangled finger/fingernail is finally almost grown back I decided to get some swatching done! My lovely friend Traci from TraceFace Philes introduced me to a company called You get a box of polishes and treatments every month according to their Style Quiz results. It's really fun to take the quiz and find out what you are! I got Bombshell so in my first package, I got Samantha and Zoe along with their Nail Therapy base coat and Hand Scrub! All this for $20 a month :) So let me show you the first polish I swatched...Samantha. I was a bit wary when I saw Samantha in the bottle...she is a VERY bright neon Pink. I know my pics make it look a bit red....but believe is PINK! This is not really a color I would wear on it's own so a couple of my girls on FB suggested to use a topper on it. I could not decide on on so I did three different toppers to see what they all would look like! Here is Samantha on her own

and here she is topped with {from left to right] SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper, OPI I Lily Love You and China Glaze Medallion}

If you are interedted in joining use this link to sign up!


Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

Fun! I just got my first box and haven't tried it yet but the colors look really pretty!

Jacki said...

I think my favorite topper is I Lily Love You!

Sandra said...

I agree with Jacki, my favorite topper is I Lily Love You also, it's gorgeous! :)