Saturday, February 25, 2012

Essie Armed and Ready with Ellen Gold~ Golden Sparks On Top!

Today I have a lovely combination to show you. I used Essie's Armed and Ready from the Go Overboard Collection and I really loved it. The next day I wanted to bling it up so I chose Ellen Gold in Golden Sparks for a top coat. I love how this combo turned out! I got the Ellen Gold from my lovely friend Samantha along with some of the other top coat "effects". What do you guys think? I love it and can't wait to use more of the Ellen Gold effects to jazz up more mani's!!! Enjoy! XOXOXO~Rach


Nailderella said...

wow! it's gorgeous!
I also asked this one in a swap and now I'm super glad I did! :D
Your pictures are so clear, it's a pleasure to look at them, Rachel!

Rachel said...

thank-you Karine! you just made my day <3

Amanda said...

I really love Armed and Ready with the gold overlay. I did a gold accent nail with my A&R, but your mani is just beyond gorgeous.

Sam Urbach said...