Monday, October 3, 2011

Color Club Foiled Collection

Today I have the entire Color Club Foiled collection to share with you! I picked up the Foiled as well as the Boho set from my Ross for a super duper price! I normally do not buy ALL of any collection because I just can't see spending the extra money on a polish I don't really like just for the sake if having the entire complete collection! I am VERY impressed with Color Club....they have a wonderful formula for such a low price point....all of these were easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats! The formula is like a very small glass fleck....similar to the Zoya Sunshine Collection. I think the glass fleck particles are smaller in the Zoya's meaning they leave quite a LOT of little tiny sparkles around your nails...the clean up was much less messy with the Color Clubs! I am LOVING Color Club....I really want to add more to my collection! Enjoy!~Rach 

{ Perfect Mol-Ten } Silvery Sea Foam green....I like this one! If It were perfect it would be about 2 shades darker though!

{ Antiquated } Warm silvery Champagne. I like this a lot more than I was expecting to like it! It has a very warm, yummy feeling to it

{ Hot Like Lava } Dark silvery pink. I LOVE this one! I am a sucker for dark and not usually a big pink fan but this one won my heart!

{ Lumin Ice-Cent } Silvery cool blue. I usually love blue and I do like this one, just not as much as the others.

{ Foil Me Once } Light silvery pink. This is my other least favorite of the collection. It's just to pale for me!

{ Cold Metal }  Shimmery dark blue. This one is my favorite! I love the depth of the blue on this one....reminds me of a deep dark cold pool of icy water!

My ONLY complaint with the sets I bought at Ross are the fact that the bottles are not labeled with the polish names! They are listed on the little insert in side the box but I NEED my polishes to have names on the BOTTLE. I guess I will have to go ahead and write the names on some little round stickers and label them myself! Sheesh! LOL


Comme3Pommes said...

They all look great :)
Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on them for a decent price.
I wonder why they do that with the "collections"... They don't have the polish names on them :(

Great post,
Thanks for sharing,

Fashion Footing said...

I am really loving the swatches I'm seeing for these, can't wait to get them!

Peace, Love and Polish said...

I'm still trying to decide if I like the Foils or not!

Anonymous said...

So freaking awesome! All of them.