Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Nail Spooktacular~ MAC Vintage Vamp

I got this beauty from a friend in my facebook group! I think this fits the Halloween theme very well! Vintage Vamp is a deep, wine red with brown undertones! It reminds me of my beloved Chanel Vamp {the original}! I am not sure I am in love with this...the formula was thin and streaky and I had to use 4 coats for full opacity! I think it looks very pretty on me though! It was pain to clean up so I am not sure I will be reaching for this again any time soon! Also, I changed the format of my pics a bit, only showing 3 fingers instead of 4...I could never get my pointer AND pink to cooperate at the same time so I just decided the pointer could be left out! I also changed the angle that I took the pics at! Do you guys notice a difference good or bad?? xoxoxo~Rach

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Anonymous said...

It is so dark and rich! I love it!