Monday, July 4, 2011

Purple Gradient

I did a purple-themed gradient/sponging mani today...not feeling super patriotic because we have yucky stormy weather here i just did what made me happy instead of attempting a 4th of July themed mani! I think this turned out pretty well...i think it's pretty cute...far from perfect though! xoxoxo


Lacquered Lover said...

So cute! I love a gradient with sparkle!

New follower here! Found you on Polishaholics anon on FB! Looking forward to more of your blog!

Rachel said...

you are too sweet! thank-you for the lovely comment! love my PAA girls! mwahhhhh!

Theodora R. said...

gradient with glitter is the perfect combination :)
I´m glad I found your blog on PAA! :)